Challenges v0.3



- Create checkpoints that set the spawnpoint of players who use them

- Group checkpoints into challenges that allow players to see their progress through a map

- Make reset signs, warp to checkpoints, set your spawn anywhere


- Download the jar and move it into the plugins folder

- Start/restart your server


Players right-click signs to set their spawn at checkpoints throughout the map.

Create checkpoints by making a sign with "[Checkpoint]" on the first line and a name on the second line. You can repeat the same name in different challenges, but not in the same one. After making the sign, look at it and use "/ch register" to make it usable. Do the same thing with "[Reset]" to make reset signs. Use "/ch warp <checkpoint>" to teleport to a sign.

To make a new challenge use "/ch create <name>". Register signs to it with "/ch register <challenge>". List all challenges with "/ch list" and see their checkpoints with "/ch info <challenge>". Remove challenges with "/ch remove <challenge>".


- /ch register [challenge] (Register a checkpoint sign, optionally to a challenge. This will overwrite any existing checkpoints)

- /ch warp <checkpoint> (Warp to a checkpoint sign)

- /ch create <name> (Create a new challenge)

- /ch list (List all challenges)

- /ch info <challenge> (List checkpoints in a challenge)

- /ch remove <challenge> (Remove a challenge)

- /ch spawnhere (Set your spawn here)

- /ch reset (Reset your spawn)


- challenges.use (Use a checkpoint/reset sign, use /ch reset)

- challenges.create (Create a challenge, register signs)

- challenges.break (Break checkpoint/reset signs)

- challenges.list (List checkpoints)

- challenges.remove (Remove a challenge)

- challenges.spawnhere (Set your spawn)

- challenges.warp (Warp to a checkpoint)


Version v0.3 (7/5/12)

- Challenge names on checkpoints

- The same checkpoint name can be used for multiple challenges

- Challenges display progress

Version v0.2 (7/4/12)

- Name changed to Challenges

- [Reset] sign creates a reset

- Permissions are needed to remove signs

- Signs can now be grouped into challenges

- Checkpoints are removed upon destruction

- Warp command for getting to checkpoints

Version v0.1 (7/3/12)

- Release on


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