Place a sign in front of a rail, with a block behind the rail. The minecart will spawn on the rail and be pushed. The player cannot exit the minecart until it hits a block, where the player is ejected and the minecart disappears.


Not all builds are tested equally. However, if you want the most updated version, go to files at the top.

YouTube Videos

Latest Video (For v1.6)

Awesome video by VariationVault

Original Video

Example Album


  • /signcart <cost> When looking at a sign, sets the cost to the specified amount
  • /signcart remember Remember your current location
  • /signcart set Set the remembered location to the specified sign, for redstone usage. (See video)
  • /signcart ext add <name> Add a player to get a split of the profits! (Up to 3)
  • /signcart ext remove <name> Remove a player from the profits
  • /signcart riderless See the different riderless carts
  • /signcart riderless <type> Set the riderless type
  • /signcart riderless item <id>[:<damage>]x<amount>


  • signcart.use Ability to use signcarts
  • Access to placing signcarts
  • signcart.setprice Access to /signcart <cost>
  • signcart.setprice.noprice Ability to have no price for a signcart ( <= 0 )
  • Place riderless signcarts
  • signcart.useriderless Ability to use riderless signcarts
  • signcart.editriderless Ability to edit signcarts
  • signcart.editriderless.spawnitems Ability to have riderless signcarts spawn items
  • signcart.setlocation Access /signcart set and /signcart remember
  • signcart.editextension Edit SignCartExt's
  • signcart.editextension.other Edit other people's SignCartExt's


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