Sign Rotate

Sign Rotate - rotates signs

Version: 1.1

Updated for MC 1.7.4!

Rotate Signs and Skulls!

while adding signs functionality to bettershop, i got to thinking:
wouldn't it be neat if they could spin around on their own?
well, shortly thereafter, here it is:
a plugin that provides such useless and amusing functionality :)
to set a sign rotating: run /sr, then click on the sign
(to stop, click again, to stop setting them on & off, run /sr again)


  • rotates signs
  • rotates skulls!
  • ingame-configurable:
    • delay between each rotation
    • rotate direction
  • permissions support:
    • signrotate.create to add/remove rotating signs
    • signrotate.admin to change plugin settings
  • saves assigned signs & reloads at start


  • /signrotate (sr) toggle sign adding
  • /signrotate (sr) cw / ccw change rotation direction
  • /signrotate (sr) delay <time> change delay interval (in ticks - 20 ticks are in a second)


  • allow wall signs to "rotate" around its block
  • iConomy support?
  • allow blocks to rotate (not just signs) ?
    • if there is a sign/torch on a face, rotate 4
    • else, rotate 8
  • per-block rotation direction?
  • per-block speeds?


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