Sign Info

Sign Info!

With SignInfo, you can dispense your server information in all new ways! It's easy to setup & you don't need any experience with YML files to use this plugin!


  1. /signadd

  2. Adds a message to the config.

  3. /signedit

  4. Edit a message that has already been created!


  1. signinfo.create

  2. Allows user to create an [Info] sign!

  3. signinfo.add

  4. Allows user to use /signadd command

  5. signinfo.edit

  6. Allows user to use /signedit command!

How to use

Simple place a sign in this format!

Replace <WHATEVER> with your message ID
You can put anything where the "-"s are.


Here is an example on how to do it.

Create a sign, make the format like this:

Line 1: [Info]
Line 2: test
Line 3: empty
Line 4: empty

Type the command:
/signadd test This is a test!

Then right click the sign, your message should come up in chat.

Now type the command:

/signedit test I changed the sign!


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