SideKickEconomy - A new innovation.


SideKick originally had a built in economy system, with this plugin, we separated it so more users can use the economy system without having to download SideKick itself. Now what's the catch? Just another economy plugin? No! SideKickEconomy is a easy to use plugin, with a config to show you who registers the transactions; same features iConomy has!

For Developers

You can access our API through these java classes: Economy, Menu, and Permissions. This is a easy way to hook your custom plugins through SideKickEconomy to create your own Add-On.

•Full economy system.
•Super Permissions.
•Easy to use.
•Administration commands for managing the economy.
•Developer API
•Config showing all transations and user's balance.


•/Economy- Shows SideKickEconomy's command menu.
•/S Pay [Username] [Amount]- Pays a user
•/S Give [Username] [Amount]- Gives a user money
•/S Set [Username] [Amount]- Sets users money
•/S Take [Username] [Amount]- Takes money from user.

Permission Nodes

-Permission to use /S Money

-Permission to use /S Pay [Username] [Amount]

-Permission to use /S Give [Username] [Amount]
-Usually for Administration or managing the economy.
-Recommended for Admins

-Permission to use /S Set [Username] [Amount]
-Usually for Administration or managing the economy
-Recommended for Admins

-Permission to use /S Take [Username] [Amount]
-Usually for Moderation
-Recommended for Moderators

Our GitHub

Developers may also help out on many of our projects by creating pull requests at



String playername = //Get The Players name
Economy.addMoney(playername, amount); //Adds money to current balance
Economy.subtractMoney(playername, amount); //Subtracts money from current balance
Economy.getMoney(playername); //Returns the players money
Economy.setMoney(playername, amount); //Sets balance of a user
Economy.hasMoney(playername); //Checks if a player has money
Economy.hasAccount(playername); //Checks if a player has a Account
Economy.createDefaultAccount(playername); //Sets a user a account with $30
Economy.removeMoney(playername); //Removes all money from a user


Permisssion.hasNode(node); //Sets if a player has permission node "SideKickEconomy.(Node), if player does not, returns a message saying so.


Player player = (Player)sender; 
//or for a event
Player player = event.getPlayer();
Menu.EcoMenu1(player); //Sends EcoMenu1 to player


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