~ This plugin aims to give you complete control of the scoreboard/sidebar.

- More than 100 variables
- Color and UTF-8 symbol support: ❤
(see here to convert UTF-8 to ascii for yml)
- Dynamically updating sidebar
- Set a sidebar to appear in certain worlds
- Have per group sidebars
- Optionally allow users to choose what sidebar to use
- Use commands to manage a player's sidebar
- Use in-built scripting to change user's sidebar or add new variables
- Group Specific Sidebar Permissions. Add & remove permissions for certain sidebars at your command
- No database required

Click here for a list of {variables}

The installation process is easy. Simply put this plugin, as well as Vault into your plugin directory and restart your server.


This plugin requires Vault - Click here to download it if you don't already have it.

Several files/folders are created upon installation.


SettingDescriptionDefault Value
versionThe plugin version (do not change)version dependent
scripting.directoryThe location to use for custom scriptsscripts
scripting.sidebar-directoryThe location of the sidebar filesscoreboards
multiworld.<world>.sidebarThe sidebar to use for that world (set to false for no scoreboard)default
sidebar.autoupdate.whitelistA list of placeholders which should update (add your own here)some big list the scoreboards should update, or simply be statictrue
sidebar.interval-ticksHow often to update a scoreboard (20ticks=1s)20
sidebar.asyncDo not mess with this unless you know what you are doingfalse
languageWhat yml file to use for the language messagesenglish
compatability-modeWhether other scoreboard plugins should be allowed to disable this scoreboardtrue


- Not implemented yet :(

scripts folder

You will find two scripts already here.
To use the script "example.yml" simply put "{example}" in your scoreboard file
To use the script "test.js" simply put "{js:test.js}" in your scoreboard file
To add your own script, create a new .yml or .js file in the scripts directory
For outdated information on scripting, click here.
Click here for a list of {variables}

scoreboards folder

titleThe title (appearance) of the scoreboarde.g. "Ranks"
permissionThe permission node required to use this scoreboarde.g. sidebar.use.ranks
descriptionA short description of the scoreboarde.g. "Cost of different game ranks"
keysKeys are the values on the left of the scoreboard
They can be anything less than 16 characters
You can have placeholders in a key
e.g. Money: ${money}
or just "Money:"
valuesThis is the right side of the scoreboard
Scoreboard elements are automatically sorted in descending order
If you want something on top, it needs a large value
You can only put numbers here
or something that resolves to a number
e.g. 5

Adding your first scoreboard:

1. Navigate to the scoreboards folder

When the plugin loads for the first time, it will create a folder (in your plugins directory) called SideBar
- Within here you will find the scoreboards folder (as well as the config.yml)

2. Create a new yml file

An example scoreboard (example.yml) should also be present.
It is recommended that you copy this file and base your new scoreboard off this.

Here is the example scoreboard file opened in NP++:


3. Changing the title

Set the title key to whatever you want the label to be for the scoreboard.
- e.g. title: "Stats:"

4. Add a permission node

Set the permission key to the permission node required for a user to use that scoreboard.
- e.g. permission: sidebar.use.myfirstscoreboard

5. Add a description

Set the description key to a brief explanation of the purpose of the scoreboard so that players will know what each scoreboard does.
(Useful if you want to allow users to set their own scoreboard using commands)

6. Add scores

The scores which will be visible on the scoreboard are under keys and values

Some things to note about scoreboard behavior: - Each score is comprised of a String (some text) and an Integer (a whole number)
- Currently the length of the String cannot resolve to be longer than 15 characters.
- Scores are automatically sorted in descending order (client side)
(The score with the highest Integer value will always be on top)

Things you can use for "keys":
- Plain text e.g. Hello
- Color codes e.g. &6Hello
- Variables e.g. Hello {player}
- Unicode symbols e.g. \u2764 (ASCII equivilent of ❤)
See here for a list of variables
See here to convert UNICODE symbols to ASCII

Things you can use for "values":
- Whole numbers e.g. 6
- Variables e.g. {age}
- Expressions e.g. 15*6+4
(You may have variables within an expression)
(The result must evaluate to a whole number however)

6. Add the scoreboard to the config

Open the config.yml
For each map there will be a sidebar option. - Set the sidebar/scoreboard for each world using this option. - Set sidebar to the name (not including .yml) of the scoreboard file.
- e.g. If your scoreboard file is called custom.yml you may have sidebar: custom

7. Add your own dynamic variables

See here for help on creating your own variables

/sidebar helpShows a list of commandsnone
/sidebar set <sidebar>Set your sidebarsidebar.set
+node for specific scoreboard
/sidebar set <sidebar> <player>Set someone's sidebarsidebar.set.other
/sidebar listShows a list of scoreboardssidebar.list
/sidebar reloadReloads the configurationsidebar.reload


Tell me if you want a feature added
- Sidebar setting for groups/permissions (Vault Required for Group Permissions, if vault is not found it will revert to bukkit based permissions)
- World grouping
- Command to hide sidebar
- Empty sidebar will not display
- Priority option for group/permission/world sidebars.
- Command to preview a sidebar (in chat)
- Command to browse placeholders
- Command to set variables
- Command to view a player's current sidebar
- Command to view a world's default sidebar

Latest build can be found here:

RepositoryStatusExtra Info
Subproject (Click image for repository: Sub)Not Stable (Mostly alpha/beta builds)
Masterproject (Click image for repository: Master)Stable (Stable Beta/Release builds)


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