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ShopSign is a new alternative to other shop plugins. It's designed to be lightweight and simplicity in mind. You can almost say that this is a alternative version of ChestShop, however the two plugins differentiate under the hood. The plugin is currently under development.


  • Lightweight and simple
  • Designed to be minimal

Sign Layout

First Line: Still under development (You can leave it empty) Second Line: Amount of items you want to buy/sell Third Line: 8:4, 8 meaning the price when a player buys from you, : is a colon that separates values, 4 meaning the price when a player sells to you Fourth Line: The material, e.g: Cobblestone

Upcoming Features

Listed in priority

  • Toggle
  • Configuration
  • Auction
  • Locale file

Development Phase


  • Base of the plugin is created, hooked into Vault
  • Basic functions have been created, e.g. Buying/Selling

To server owners

This plugin is currently under development and I highly suggest when using an Alpha build to make sure its only for testing purposes.


Source code at GitHub


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