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With a normal, sign-based shop, players have to teleport to the shop, find the sign they want, and spend lots of time for just one item. With the Shop Menu plugin, however, you can just have a GUI for your shop that players can access from anywhere!

NEW: Added enchantments support!

How to use Shop Menu

This plugin is very simple to use and very interactive. All you have to so is type /shop and then a menu will pop up. I have already put some example items there so you will see those listed there. To buy an item, simply right click it and you will get it. Want multiple items? Click it more than once! To sell items, click the pressure plate on the top right side of the GUI menu which will take you to the sell page. Again, same process: right click to sell an item.

Adding new items is very simple and very configurable. All the notes will be in the config. You can she price, lore, name, and the data value of an item.

Commands and Permissions

/shopOpens up the shop GUIshop.use
/rsReloads the configshop.reload

The Config

Everything in the config is commentated. But here are a few critical reminders:

  • Make sure you do not put 0-8 or anything higher than 54 for the item slot.
  • Do not use tabs
  • If you get an internal exception error, it's because you did not follow YAML's rules (didn't put quotations, used tabs, etc.)
  • If you make a mistake and can't spot the error, stop the server, delete the kShop.jar and folder, put a new kShop.jar and start your server.
  • Go to Bukkit's Material Page to see all the material names that need to go under 'item-name'
  • Slot number reference (0-8 are red because you can't use them):
  • If you want to use the enchantments aspect and don't want to delete you config, red this:

Add this line:

enchantments: <enchantmentID>:<level>

The enchantment ID MUST be a number. Refer to the Enchantment ID List if you need to.

somewhere under your items name. Example:

        item-id: 310:0:20.5:9:&cDiamond Helmet
        enchantments: '0:1'
        - '&bRight click to buy!'
        - '&4$20.5'

The enchantment ID MUST be a number. Refer to the Enchantment ID List if you need to.


The following is a video made by me. If you make a better video that this one, I just may put yours here:


This plugin requires Vault and an economy plugin (Essentials, iConomy, etc.)

If You're Having Trouble!

A lot of people seem to be having problems with setting up the config correctly, so I will try to eliminate the confusions here:

  • You MUST MUST MUST have all the parameters in the item-id section. You CAN'T just leave something out because you're not using it.
  • Again, it goes like this:


  • If you don't want to add any enchantments, remove the 'enchantments' line completely.
  • I understand that there is a bug where my original items still stay there. I have fixed this and I'm waiting for the file to get approve. For now, just do /rs and that should fix the shop. (this happens every time you reload/restart the server).
  • If the plugin doesn't even start up, you probably don't have the latest version of Vault or an economy plugin.
  • I won't be responding to any "bug reports" that have been addressed here. I know that the config is a bit confusing but it allows for extreme configuration and keeps it very concise.

Banner made by mrgameguideguys :)

Have questions? Feel free to PM me or leave a comment.

Found a bug? Report it and I will fix it ASAP!

Have ideas for things I could add to this plugin? Comment down below or PM me!


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