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    Jun 5, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8
  • 1.7.2
  • 1.6.2


v1.58 for MC 1.6.2, 1.7.x, 1.8.x

  • Some internal cleanup, moving around of things and other minor changes. Hopefully all is still working properly.
  • Possible fixed: Some minor cleanup did not take place if a shopkeeper entity was respawned, or when activating a shopkeeper on chunk load.
  • Changed/Fixed: The permissions node for the help command was added to the plugin.yml and now defaults to 'true' instead of 'false'.
  • Changed: shopkeeper.remote permissions node default value was changed from 'false' to 'op'.
  • Added: shopkeeper.* permissions node, which includes all other permissions nodes.
  • Added: Debug information whenever a permissions node is checked for a player. Might be a bit spammy though.
  • Changed: Handling of world unloads was slightly changed to reduce the amount of duplicate code. It now triggers the chunk unload code for all currently loaded chunks. Hopyfully without causing issues.
  • Changed: Now checking the hire item name and lore earlier already. If they don't match the player is informed that the villager can be hired (just like when clicking a villager with any other item), instead of telling him that hiring failed (like when the player does not have the needed amount of hiring items).
  • Fixed: The code which checks for chest access when creating a player shopkeeper via command does no longer trigger chest selection if the player is holding a shop creation item in hand.
  • Fixed: Previously sign shops weren't properly created if created via command. The initial sign wasn't placed and the shopkeeper was stored at the wrong location.
  • Changed: Shop creation via command will fail now if a block face is targeted at which either a non-air block is, or if no wall sign can be placed there.
  • Added/Fixed: Canceling block physics for shop signs, so they should no longer break in various situations. Signs might end up floating in mid-air though.
  • Added/Fixed: Preventing entity explosions from destroying shop signs.
  • Added/Fixed: Preventing entity explosions from destroying shop chests.
  • Added/Fixed: In case we detect that a shop sign went missing, we attempt to respawn it. If the sign respawning fails for some reason, we completely remove the shopkeeper and print a warning to console. Previously the sign shopkeepers would no longer be usable nor accessible from inside of minecraft, but still be secretly existing in the save data.
  • Added: Sign shops should now store their initial sign facing, which is used for sign-respawning. For already existing sign shops it is attempted to get the facing from the current sign in the world.
  • Fixed: Shop signs are now updated at least once when their chunk gets loaded, so that config changes which affect the sign content are applied to the already existing signs.
  • Fixed: Also requesting a sign update whenever the owner or owner name changes, so that the owner name on the sign gets updated.
  • Added: Whenever a player switches to the shop creation item in the hotbar, a message explaining the usage of it is now printed.
  • If the trade for a written book fails players can sometimes still open and read the book if they close the shop and click the temporary fake book in their inventory fast enough. There is not much I can do about this..
  • Server crashes and improper shutdowns might cause living non-citizens shopkeeper entities to duplicate sometimes.
  • The 'always-show-nameplates' setting is no longer working on MC 1.8.
  • Compatibility with older bukkit versions is untested. If you encounter any problems let me know and I will look into it.
  • A bunch of entity types are only meant for experimental usage. They might cause all kinds of issues if used. See changelog of v1.50.
  • In the latest MC 1.8.x versions default minecraft trading logic has slightly changed (and by that those of shopkeepers as well): if a trade requires an item with special data (like a custom name, etc.) minecraft is now only allowing this trade, if the offered item is perfectly matching, including all special item data and attributes.