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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.15
  • 1.14


v2.9.2 for MC 1.15.2, 1.14.4


  • Added: If the setting 'delete-shopkeeper-on-break-chest' is enabled, player shopkeepers will now periodically (roughly once every 5 seconds) check if their chest is still present and otherwise delete themselves.

    • This allows them to detect when other plugins, such as WorldEdit, remove the shop chest.

    • The setting 'deleting-player-shop-returns-creation-item' applies to these checks as well and controls whether to drop a shop creation item for every removed shopkeeper.

  • Fixed a potential CME when shopkeepers get removed after their shop chest got deleted.

  • Fixed: The 'active shopkeepers' would not get properly cleaned up in some occasions (even on shopkeeper removal) if the shopkeeper mob got deleted or the shop object was no longer considered 'active' for some other reason. A side effect of this was that the shopkeeper entity would get respawned, even though it was not supposed to get spawned or even after the shopkeeper was already deleted.

  • Fixed: The DerivedSettings use the default value for the name-regex setting during initialization now to properly catch user errors during the subsequent setup after the config has already been loaded.

  • Fixed: The selling and book shops attempted to convert currency items into high currency items even if the high currency got disabled.

  • Fixed: Trading via shift-clicking while the player is charging a trident would allow the player to duplicate the trident.

    • The issue is caused by the inventory getting updated while the trident is being charged (or any other usable item being used).

    • We now prevent item actions to even start while interacting with a shopkeeper. Note: The client might currently still display the item action animation, even though it has been successfully stopped on the server (see SPIGOT-5609).

    • Additionally, we only update those inventory slots that were actually changed by inventory manipulations. This also has the benefit of sending less inventory slot updates.

Internal changes:

  • Added AbstractShopkeeper#tick which gets invoked roughly once per second for all shopkeepers in currently active chunks.

Known potential issues: See here.


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Thanks to all donations since the last major update:

  • EmeraldHaze (Ninjalette)
  • Espen