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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.14


v2.7.0 for MC 1.14.2

This version is marked as 'beta' since Spigot for MC 1.14 is itself still in development and potentially unstable.

Update for MC 1.14:

  • Dropped support for MC 1.13. This version only supports MC 1.14.2!
  • If you are upgrading, make sure that you have successfully updated Shopkeepers to 1.13 first. Migration from older MC versions are not supported and might not work. Reverting to older versions isn't supported either.
    • Removed pre 1.13 sheep color migration.
  • Villager shopkeepers:
    • Changed default profession from farmer to 'none'.
    • Priest villagers get converted to 'cleric' and blacksmiths become 'armorer'. Previous regular farmer villagers stay farmers (but they look differently now).
    • Changed the items representing the villager professions in the editor.
    • Note: Wandering traders are not a villager sub-variant, but a different mob type.
  • Ocelot shopkeepers of cat types have been converted to corresponding cat shopkeepers.
    • You might have to adapt your players' permissions, since cat and ocelot shopkeepers require different permissions now. With this migration players can end up with cat shopkeepers even though they don't have the permission to freshly create those if they wanted.
    • The different cat types are represented by colored leather armor inside the editor.
  • Added separate settings for disabling trading, spawning and allowing hiring of wandering traders.
    • When preventing wandering traders from spawning, trader llamas are prevented from spawning as well.
    • When a wandering trader is hired, its llamas will remain in the world (just like it is the case when the wandering trader dies).
  • Internal: Spigot is no longer calling creature spawn events for entities that get spawned as part of chunk generation. If spawning of regular villagers or wandering traders is disabled, these get removed during the corresponding chunk load event now.
  • Added: Sign shops can now switch between different wood types.
  • Added all new 1.14 mobs to the by default enabled mobs. If you are updating you will have to manually enable them in the config.

Other changes:

  • Changed: When spawning of villagers or wandering traders is disabled, villagers and wandering traders spawned by other plugins, spawn eggs, mob spawners or due to curing zombie villagers are still allowed to spawn now.
  • Added a separate setting 'disable-zombie-villager-curing' (default: false) that can be used to prevent curing of zombie villagers.
  • Made shop and object type matching more strict. This uses a fixed list of internal aliases now.
  • Removed the generic 'sub type' editor option in favor of letting each shop object supply a list of editor options. This allows living shopkeepers to provide multiple editor options now.
    • API: Removed getSubTypeItem, cycleSubType and equipItem from ShopObject. Editor options are internal API for now, and mob equipment hasn't properly worked already before due to not getting persisted.
  • Added new mob attribute editor options:
    • All ageable mobs (except the wandering trader and parrots) and all zombies (zombie, husk, drowned, pig zombie, zombie villager): Baby variant. Previously this options was only available for zombie and pig zombie shopkeepers. The editor item for this option is a regular chicken egg now.
    • Zombie villager: Villager profession.
    • Sheep: Sheared state.
    • Cat: Collar color.
    • Villager: Biome type and level.
    • Fox: Variant, crouching and sleeping state.
    • Wolf: Collar color, angry state.
    • Parrot: Color and sitting state.
    • Chested horse (Donkey, Llama, Mule, TraderLlama): Carrying chest state.
    • Horse: Color, style and armor.
    • Llama: Color and carpet color.
    • Panda: Genes (appearance).
    • MushroomCow: Variant.
    • Pig: Saddled.
  • Added the ability to cycle the editor options back and forth via left and right clicking.
  • Updated for the latest WorldGuard changes. You will have to update WorldGuard for the WorldGuard integration to work.
    • The 'allow-shop' flag got removed from WorldGuard itself and it is left for other plugins to register it themselves. Shopkeepers will now attempt to register this flag, if no other plugin has registered it yet (one such other plugin is for example ChestShop). Since WorldGuard only allows registering flags before it got enabled, but we are loading the config at a later point, we will always attempt to register the flag, even if the WorldGuard integration is disabled in the config.
    • Removed: We no longer check for the alternative 'enable-shop' flag, if the 'allow-shop' flag is not present.
  • Fixed a class loading issue in case the WorldGuard integration is enabled but WorldGuard is not present.
  • Fix: Sign shops no longer temporarily load the chunk when checking if they are active.

Internal changes:

  • Villagers store their profession under 'profession' now. Previous values under 'prof' get imported.
  • Fixed a minor internal inconsistency with the updating of trades: Trades were updated on the client, but the server was left in the previous state (mostly affected debug messages).
  • Removed special handling of item damage tags from item comparison. Spigot has made some changes that should make this obsolete.
  • Moved common de/serialization and validation code of shop object properties into new Property classes.

Config changes (if you are updating, you have to manually apply those changes):

  • Enabled various mobs by default now, which previously had some issues but seem to work fine now: Horse, mule, donkey, skeleton horse, zombie horse, llama.
  • Changed the default value for the setting enable-chest-option-on-player-shop to 'true'.

New messages:

  • msg-zombie-villager-curing-disabled
  • msg-button-sign-variant
  • msg-button-sign-variant-lore
  • msg-button-baby
  • msg-button-baby-lore
  • msg-button-sitting
  • msg-button-sitting-lore
  • msg-button-cat-variant
  • msg-button-cat-variant-lore
  • msg-button-collar-color
  • msg-button-collar-color-lore
  • msg-button-wolf-angry
  • msg-button-wolf-angry-lore
  • msg-button-carrying-chest
  • msg-button-carrying-chest-lore
  • msg-button-horse-color
  • msg-button-horse-color-lore
  • msg-button-horse-style
  • msg-button-horse-style-lore
  • msg-button-horse-armor
  • msg-button-horse-armor-lore
  • msg-button-llama-variant
  • msg-button-llama-variant-lore
  • msg-button-llama-carpet-color
  • msg-button-llama-carpet-color-lore
  • msg-button-creeper-charged
  • msg-button-creeper-charged-lore
  • msg-button-fox-variant
  • msg-button-fox-variant-lore
  • msg-button-fox-crouching
  • msg-button-fox-crouching-lore
  • msg-button-fox-sleeping
  • msg-button-fox-sleeping-lore
  • msg-button-mushroom-cow-variant
  • msg-button-mushroom-cow-variant-lore
  • msg-button-panda-variant
  • msg-button-panda-variant-lore
  • msg-button-parrot-variant
  • msg-button-parrot-variant-lore
  • msg-button-pig-saddle
  • msg-button-pig-saddle-lore
  • msg-button-sheep-color
  • msg-button-sheep-color-lore
  • msg-button-sheep-sheared
  • msg-button-sheep-sheared-lore
  • msg-button-villager-profession
  • msg-button-villager-profession-lore
  • msg-button-villager-variant
  • msg-button-villager-variant-lore
  • msg-button-villager-level
  • msg-button-villager-level-lore
  • msg-button-zombie-villager-profession
  • msg-button-zombie-villager-profession-lore

Removed messages:

  • msg-button-type
  • msg-button-type-lore

Changed messages (if you are updating, you have to manually apply those changes):

  • msg-button-name (lower case words)
  • msg-button-chest (lower case words)

Known potential issues: See here.


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