Ships 6 page



Ships 6 changes

Ships has gone through many changes, Ships 6 is the latest rewrite of the plugin. The latest rewrite fixes multiple bugs found in the root of previous versions of Ships. 


Moving ships

As the name of the plugin suggests, you can create your own ship and move it with just a single click. 

Works with all blocks

There is a fully fledged list where you can configure each and every block to react differently for the ships, including being able to add a block type to interact with Ships, detect it as a collide and even not react at all. 

Teleport to ships

There have been many requests to be able to teleport to ships for not only this plugin but others like it. This feature has been added to Ships, however if it is something you do not wish, then you can disable to command by not adding the command. 

Falling Ships

Ships will fall/sink if requirements are not met, this could be done through your own interaction such as running out of fuel, or by something else such as a tnt explosion.


Ship types

Airship Link
Ship Link
Marsship Link
Submarine Link



/Ships blocklist view [block ids]

/Ships blocklist set <collide type> <block ids>


The blocklist command allows you to view or set the materials in the ship. The blocklist allows you to modify how block types react with Ships. 


Collide types:

Detect collide:

This means Ships will detect the block type as a colliding block and will cancel the ships movement.



This means Ships will detect the block as part of the ship if it is attached to a ship



This means the ship will not stop and crash into the blocks, destroying them. This is great for plants.