Ships 6 planned PreRelease changes

Ships 6 Alpha 1:

  • removes previous static loader
  • removes "LocalDatabase"
  • removes ability to load from "LoadableShip"
  • adds "Open Loader" (a custom file loader designed for Ships 6, to load multiple types of files)
  • adds "Open Saver" (Part of Open Loader that allows the saving of the correct type of file)
  • adds "Ships 6 Alpha" file type saving (block placement and teleport location is based on Vector instead of location)
  • adds full support for 1.11.1 and 1.11.2 blocks
  • adds load ship features to "LiveShipUtil"
  • adds custom event "ShipStructureChangeEvent" (a cancellable event that is called every time a ships structure is updated. Able to get the current ships structure, the ship and the new ship structure)

Ships 6 Alpha 1.0.1:

  • Removes LoadableShip based ships
  • adds some backwards compatibilty with Ships 5 signs
  • Adds DataVessel
  • Adds mixed data for ships
  • Readds Airship as a DataVessel
  • Readds OpShip as DataVessel

Ships 6 Alpha 1.0.2:

  • fixes a issue where left clicking Ships signs does not work

Ships 6 Alpha 1.0.3:

  • readds Ship as a DataVessel
  • Fixes a bug where flatland worlds would case water to be produced from Ships
  • Added Craftbukkit 1.12 new BlockState into SpecialBlock (Bed)

Ships 6 Alpha 1.1:

  • finished the AutoPilot code
  • adds configuration targets for messages (so messages can be changed within the configuration file)
  • adds ship type "Plane" from Ships 5
  • fixes a bug where changing the fuel consumption of airships will stop the ship from moving
  • allows the conversion of Ships 5 to Ships 6 Alpha file types
  • adds the ability to read Ship 5 ships
  • adds support for Ships PreAlpha 0-5.2 and Ships 5 signs
  • allows the saving of Ships 5 files
  • Readds Marsship as a DataVessel

Ships 6 Alpha 1.2:

  •  fixes a bug where hybridships can not move in water
  • adds "fallable ships" feature (ships will fall to the ground if it does not meet the requirements)

Ships 6 Alpha 2:

  • Adds command "/ships load <l/u> <ship name>" this loads/unloads the targeted ship
  • adds command "/ships apply <stat> <value> <shipname/shiptype>" changes part of the ships/ship type data
  • adds command "/ships applyall <stat> <value> <shiptype>" changes all the ships and the default data
  • adds command "/ships destroy [a/n] <shipname>" destroys a ship, if "a" is specified it will destroy the ship in a animated way
  • adds permission "ships.make.<shiptype>"
  • adds permission "ships.make.*"
  • adds permission "ships.use.<shiptype>"
  • adds permission "ships.use.*"
  • adds permission "ships.boost.use"
  • adds permission "ships.cmd.<command>"
  • adds permission "ships.cmd.*"

Ships 6 Alpha 2.1:

  • adds the ability to disable the loading of ShipTypes on boot
  • adds command "/ships enable <ship type>"
  • adds command "/ships disable <ship type>"
  • adds command "/ships teleport <ship name> [players...]"
  • adds permissions for new commands