Creating Vessels

This is for anyone who wants to know how to create and use every type of Vessel within Ships.

All vessels can be changed by using the Config.yml file. Then from in there changing the stats


The Airship has been known to be the hardest vessel to make and use however if you go on any server it seems to be one of the most common Vessels used.

Creating the Airship

The Airships requirements is to have Fuel (by default that is coal and sugar-cane) and to have a burner (burner being netherrack on fire).

Other requirements are configurable such as the required percentage of blocks needed to move the vessel and how much of the required block is needed.


The MarsShip came into Ships back in 3.1.5 and has proved itself to be useful to servers and showed more creativity from Qx2. By allowing 3 vessels it allowed servers to become more unique.

Creating the MarsShip

The MarsShip requires DayLight sensors (by default is 10% of the vessel needs to be dayLight sensors).

Other configurable requirement such as required percentage of blocks needed to move the vessel can be decided by the server admin.


The ship has been around for a long time and is not disappearing for a long time

Creating the Ship

The ship only requires the configurable requirements. Such as the percentage of the required block (that being Wool) and the required amount of blocks.


Submarine being one of the most 'glitchy' of vessels. Mose is still surprised the code works for it (… it works to a degree).

Creating the Submarine

The submarine requires Fuel (the fuel type is set within the config.yml and by default it is Glowstone). The submarine also requires a Engine. This is just a dispenser.

Other requirements are configurable such being the required amount of blocks.


The plane was Moses first different vessel. It was beta released back in Ships 3.2.4 but was not fully released until Ships 3.3 beta (and Ships 4.0 to the public).

Creating the Plane

The plane requires Fuel and a Engine. The fuel by default is a Coal block. All other requirements are configurable.

Other Vessels

These will be removed within a few updates. Please speak up if you wish to keep these on Ships.

Giving select vessels different configurations

2 ways on doing this. There is the manual way (going into the vessels custom YML found in 'plugins/Ships/VesselData/<vesselname>.yml' then reloading after. And there is the command way that is used by '/Ships set <vesselname> <ymlData> <data being set>', for a example, if I had a vessel called 'BOB' and want to change the 'required percent' to '30' I would use the command like '/Ships set BOB RequiredPercentage 30'

newer vessels (coming soon)

  • SolarShip
  • Custom Vessels (Vessels plugin)