Double Inventory On Crouch

How to use

Simply install the plugin in any 1.16 Bukkit or Spigot Minecraft server, and then the plugin will work (on/off command coming in future release).


Example of plugin

Here is an example video where I use the plugin to beat Minecraft



  • Whenever a player crouches in game, their ENTIRE inventory is doubled. Items, armor, and tools that are in the player's inventory will become have their amounts doubled when the player crouches. The plugin can double any item that has less than 64 stack (including non-stackable items like armor or tools).
  • If the item amount in the slot is greater than or equal to 64, the doubled items will be summoned on the player, and put on the floor of the Minecraft world.


Warning! excess items could cause server lag, so typing "/kill @e[type=item]" will remove all the items in a world if the server gets lagged (possible future implementation of command to remove the items quickly)




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