ShadowPods are pods based on the pods idea of the Shadows Of Evil map in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. It's just another rewarding system but different ;).

Players need to wait until a pod, represented as a dragon egg in the game, takes the green color. After a certain amount of time, the pods will turn into another color, which will provide other rewards. If a pod is already opened, the pod will say "This pod has already been discovered". After 10 minutes, the pods will reset themselfs, so players can retry to get a nice reward.

The time between two colors will be 10 minutes.

  • /-wand pods -> Will give you a wand to select the pods
  • /-loot [green/orange/red/purple] add hand -> Adds items from your hand to the reward config.
  • /-reset -> Will reset the whole pod configuration.
  • shadowpods.* -> Will give you all the permissions for the commands.
  • shadowpods.loot -> Will give you the permission to add loot to the config.
  • shadowpods.wand -> Will give you the permission to receive a wand.
  • shadowpods.reset -> Will give you the permission to reset the pods config.

In beta stage, keep in mind that this is my first public plugin.

  • Adding custom pod reload time
  • Adding auto reload system when pod is selected
  • Adding customizeable colors
  • Adding a nice GUI for the rewards ;)

Just send them to me ;)

|UPDATE| Make sure to use a spigot jar file


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