This is a simple plugin that teleports players to the main server spawn when they connect to your server. This plugin is useful for Minigames, SurvivalGames and Lobby servers.

How It Works

When any player joins your Minecraft server they will instantly be teleported to the main spawn location of the main world. This plugin is intended for use on servers that require the players to be teleported back to spawn when ever they join. This can be useful for many reasons including but not limited to:

  • You might want to put a news board at spawn for everyone to read when they join the server.
  • You might run a lobby server and you don't want people spawning in the portals they were last in when they joined the server.
  • You're running minigames and you don't want someone to spawn in a match.

Installation/ Configuration

  1. Simply put the plugin in your plugins folder.
  2. Reload your server.
  3. Fill out your server name in the config file.
  4. Reload your server.
  5. You're done.


  1. Teleports players to spawn when they join your server.
  2. Has the option to display a welcome to the server message including your server name.


This plugin has no permissions. It applies to everyone no matter if they're op or not and doesn't use any permissions.


There are no commands for this plugin as there are no need for any commands.

Git Repository

You can find ShadowForceSpawn on git here:


  • 2.0
  1. Renamed to ShadowForceSpawn to go with my new ShadowBlox branding.
  2. Fixed a typo in the config file.
  3. Updated for Minecraft 1.13.2
  • 1.1
  1. Updated for CB 1.7.9-R0.1
  2. Added a configurable option to turn the join message on and off.


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