This plugin allows you to disable players from doing any command you want, even if they have the permission node for it and/ or '*' permissions. The only way they can perform the command is if their username is in the plugin's admins.txt file.

How It Works

In the config file you can set a list of all the commands you want to disable players from being able to do. If you decide there are some players that should be allowed to do these commands you simply add their username into the admins.txt file.

Installation/ Configuration

  1. Put the plugin into your servers plugins folder.
  2. Restart the server and run any command as a player.
  3. Open the config.yml file that is generated and follow the instructions there on how to configure the plugin.
  4. In the admins.txt file simply type the usernames of all the players you want to be able to perform the commands in the config.yml file you disabled.
  5. You're ready to enjoy the plugin.


  1. Disable an unlimited number of any commands for players whose username's aren't in the admins.txt file.


This plugin has no permission nodes. Instead you enter the usernames of any players you wish to still perform the commands you disabled in the admins.txt file.


This plugin has none of its own commands.

Git Repository

You can find ShadowDiableCommands on GitHub here:

Thank You

Thank you for using my plugin. If you have any other questions or need help setting up the plugin please feel free to comment or send me a PM.


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