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SexyMotd for BungeeCord servers has been released on Spigot! Search "SexyMotdBungee" on the SpigotMC site to find it!

SexyMotd v1.4+ can be found on SpigotMC!


  • Change motd easy and quick with in-game commands (1.2.2 and earlier)
  • Colored motds
  • Fake online players
  • Fake max players
  • Player's IP logging
  • Display player's name with %playername% (done with IP logging)
  • Display server's name with %servername%
  • Display online players with %online_players%
  • Display max player slots with %max_players%
  • Skip to the next line of motd with %newline%
  • Display server's version with %version%
  • Avatar icons (player's face as a server icon) (done with IP logging)
  • Overlaying a custom transparent image (.png) over the avatar icon, by providing either a file path, or a URL
  • Fake version.
  • Custom message on list hover.
  • Randomized Motds
  • Randomized fake online players
  • Custom variables!!
  • %newplayer%, %banned%, %whitelisted% Boolean variables (for use with conditional/custom variables)
  • %groupName% variable (Will require PermissionsEx)


%groupname%Display the PEX groups that the user belongs to.Array - String
%ip%Display the user's IP.String
%maxplayers%Display the maximum player count from the
%newline%Skip to the second line of the MOTD.\n
%onlineplayers%Display the current online player count.Integer
%playername%Display the last known display name from that IP.String
%playernames%Display the names of all players currently online.Array - String
%randomplayer%Display the name of a random online player. Defaults to default guest name in the configuration.String
%servername%Display the server name defined in
%version%Display the server versionString

Variable Operators:

Variable operators allow you to modify the output of a variable with a special variable suffix.

Integer Variables -

Add a "+", "-", "*", or "/" followed by a number after any integer type variable to apply the operation to it. Example: %onlineplayers%+10

Array Variables -

Add a "[x]", where x is the index within the array, after any array type variable to only display one list item. Otherwise, arrays are displayed as "x, y, z"

Array variables of integer type are not eligible for integer operations after the index declaration.

Example: %playernames%[2]

Config and Custom Variables

SexyMotd 1.2.2 and Earlier


/motd addmotd <motd>Adds an Motd
/motd removemotd <index>Removes an Motd
/motd listmotdsLists the Motds
/motd maxplayers toggleToggles the FakeMaxPlayers
/motd toggleToggles the SexyMotd (Note: your server will NOT look sexy if you disable it! :) )
/motd maxplayers set <number>Sets the FakeMaxPlayers
/motd players add <number>Adds an online player number.
/motd players remove <index>Removes an online player number.
/motd players listLists the online player numbers.
/motd avatariconToggles the Avatar Icon (player faces as server icon)
/motd infoDisplays the info
/motd reloadReloads the config.
/motd restartRestarts the plugin.

SexyMotd 1.2.2 and Earlier


sexymotd.set/motd <subsection>motd(s)OP
sexymotd.toggle/motd toggleOP
sexymotd.maxplayers.*/motd maxplayersOP
sexymotd.maxplayers.toggle/motd maxplayers toggleOP
sexymotd.maxplayers.set/motd maxplayers setOP
sexymotd.players.set/motd players <subcommand>OP
sexymotd.avataricon/motd avatariconOP infoAll
sexymotd.reload/motd reload
sexymotd.restart/motd restart


This plugin uses the Minotar service to display player avatars as the server icon.

SexyMotd v1.2 and earlier: In order to provide information about new updates, this plugin uses Gravity's auto updater service to query for new updates. Updates are not automatically downloaded, but can be downloaded with the /bm command or by clicking the provided link when an update becomes available. Update warnings can be disabled by setting the CheckUpdates section in the config to false.

SexyMotd v1.2 and earlier: We use PluginMetrics by Hidendra to collect data about the servers running SexyMotd. This data is packaged and sent to in order to be processed. The following data is collected from your server:

  • Your servers unique metrics id.
  • The version of PluginMetrics.
  • Your server's CraftBukkit version.
  • Player count.
  • Your computer's operating system.
  • Your computer's arch type.
  • Your CPU's core count.
  • Your server's online mode state.
  • The version of java you have installed.

Metrics can be disabled by changing the opt-out section in plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml to true.


This plugin REQUIRES ProtocolLib in order to function! You can get it here:


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