Recomended Build: v0.5
Latest Version: v0.5
Built For:
BB 2771
Compatibility: RB 2771

What is Sewers?

Sewers is a standalone generator that does not depend on other plugins for it to work. It simply generates "Sewers" on newly created chunk, meaning that you don't have to delete your precious world. If want a Sewer below a specific area, for say a city, you can simply input a command and Sewers does its magic! Sewers is still in its beta phase so expect a lot of improvements (including Spout support). The development team put's a lot of effort into Sewers and we have some great supporters!

What is Sewers and what can it do?

Well that's a very good question, Sewers is a plugin for CraftBukkit that generates massive dungeons! Sewers not only creates random tunnels but it also creates a variety of different elements for you to explore. Below are examples of different types of elements/features that Sewers will create when generated.

  • Tunnels:
    Tunnels are the base of Sewers. The tunnel is made up of the 3 different stone bricks introduced in Minecraft version 1.8 (Adventure update). The tunnel is filled with 1 layer of water, iron bars, cob webs, and a few extra surprises. Tunnels also connect to other tunnels which the player can freely explore.
  • Pits:
    Taller and not as long as tunnels, pits are large holes where water is 3 blocks or higher. Some pits have Iron Bars on the sides that allow water to flow in.
  • Fallout shelters:
    The fallout shelter is like a resting area for a players when they have to leave the server, so when the player comes back there won't be any creepers behind them. They contain bookshelves, torches, a bed, and a chest filled with items that may be useful for survival deep within the sewer.
  • Sinkholes:
    These are massive holes that drop down deep within Minecraftia, may contain torches, broken stone slab staircases, ladders, and water. At the bottom of these Sinkholes, tunnels span off in all directions revealing more Sewer action! (And poo-poo!)
  • Manholes:
    1x1 shafts that lead into the sewers, made up of the same material as the tunnels.
  • Entrances:
    Kind of like fallout shelters, these building contain 1 Large Chest, 1 Crafting Table, and 1 Furnace. They also have Manholes built into them. The Large Chest can contain, Food, Armor, and Boats!

About the Abandoned Update

The Abandoned Update is on the horizon and almost ready for its debut release! The Abandoned Update includes many new features, improvements, and a fully re-coded generator. Lots of work is being put to the Abandoned Update and Sewers should enter the released phase. Below the currently added features:

  • Abandoned Entrances:
    The boarded off entrances to the abandoned areas of sewers. CAUTION breaking the warning sign may cause severe damage! Released in Pre-Release 3 (The Abandoned Update!)
  • Graveyards:
    Don't disturb the resting souls of the workers, watch out if you do! Released in Pre-Release 3 (The Abandoned Update!)
  • Cave-Ins:
    Blocked off tunnels with treasure at the end. Released in Pre-Release 3 (The Abandoned Update!)
  • Spider Nests:
    Web traps under tunnels that are filled with Cave Spiders! Watch your step! Released in Pre-Release 3 (The Abandoned Update!)
  • Bridges:
    Long broken bridges that cross over lava. Don't fall off! Released in Pre-Release 3 (The Abandoned Update!)

More features are to be release in the Abandoned Update that have not been mentioned here.


  • /sewer create - Creates a Sewer system with a Man Hole at your feet!

And as of the Christmas Dev-Build:

  • /sewer create <size> - Creates a Sewer of the designated size (size is number of rooms so 2 would be 1 Entrance and 1 Tunnel)
  • /sewer locate - Locates the nearest Sewer and shows you the coordinates


Sewers is fairly easy to install, simply drop it in your "/plugins" folder, extract the 2 files in the ZIP file, configure the Sewers config file and once satisfied run your server and enjoy Sewers! For more information on configuration you can visit the config page.


You can learn more about configuring Sewers here.

Have any issues or ideas?

If you have an issue or an idea, we hesitate that you need to submit a ticket for us to look at and process it. We encourage all Sewers users to submit a ticket instead of a commenting because we might miss your issue or idea. A ticket button is put up on the right hand-side corner next to the download button.

A word of warning

As we have mentioned before, Sewers generates MASSIVE dungeons! Heed our warning that Sewers is not responsible for any damages caused by players generating Sewers. To avoid any sort of problem with our plugin make sure you check that no buildings built underground are in the way of Sewers. You have been warned, and there is no UNDO button to reverse the effect of sewers.

People we love!

You can see a complete list over here at the People we love page.

Wanna give us a little something?

You can visit our Donation page!

This is a newly made main page of sewers so there might be important missing details. If you find anything to be missing please submit a ticket so it is easier to process.


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