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    Green= new

    i wanted to make a non mob texture ticket for random stuff i make. (like blocks and such)

    Updated version of the Gravestones: You can now read a custom message on the last two lines since it is just a retextured sign.


    so heres my ideas for the graves:

    m d s

    the last one has writing on it since i thought that if you had a custom sign block you could put the names or whatever on the lower 2 lines (probably make it lighter so the black letters are readable)

    idea for a trap:


    i had to retexture the front of the dispenser block but it shares the side textures of the block with furnaces :/ I just c&ped the block texture for mossy brick onto the stone block texture because that is where the pressure plate gets it's texture from. (the walls of the place are actually stone) when you step on the pressure plates it simply triggers the dispensers on the lower lvl. Could not activate the upper ones without redstone

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    wow :D

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