This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This is a simple plugin to let you set your own XP level without having to grind mobs. It is intended to allow Admins to test their other XP related plugins easily.

Users with permission can simply set their required XP level using /setxp [level]. Easy!

You can configure the maximum XP level. This works in two ways:

1. When using the /setxp command, if the level entered is above the configured maximum it will be set to the maximum instead.
2. (Optional) When a player gains XP and increases in level, SetXP can stop them gaining the level if it would put them above the max.

Usage Stats


{} = Optional [] = Required

/setxp {player} [level] : Set XP level of you or {player}

/setxp add {player} [levels] : Increase XP level of you or {player}

(Thanks nicquehen)

/setxp remove {player} [levels] : Reduce XP level of you or {player}

(Thanks Metz_Cz

/getxp [player] : Get target player's XP level

(If running commands from console, {player} is not optional)


setxp.* : Access all commands

setxp.setxp : Access /setxp

setxp.setxp.others : Can set another player's xp

setxp.add : Increase XP using /setxp add

stexp.add.others : Increase another player's xp

setxp.remove : Reduce XP using /setxp remove

stexp.reduce.others : Reduce another player's xp

setxp.exempt : Other players cannot change XP

setxp.override : Override exemption given by setx.exempt

setxp.getxp : Access /getxp : Player is not charged to use setXP


Just pop the .jar in your /plugins folder and reload


There are four configuration settings:

price_per_xp_level : This is, um, the price per XP level (default is 0)

reduce_xp_refund_percentage : This is the percentage of the price_per_xp_level that is refunded to the player if they reduce their XP level. (default is 100% refund)

max_level : The maximum level a player can set their XP to

force_max_level : Prevents all players going above the configured max_level, including if they do so from XP orbs.


This plugin uses PluginMetrics to help judge how the plugin is being used. No private information is gathered, merely data about your Bukkit version and other similar statistics.

We hope that you will help us by submitting your statisitcal data... but we understand if you would rather not. If you would rather not send this information, you can opt-out of metrics tracking by editing the config.yml file found in the Plugins/PluginMetrics folder and setting the opt-out option to true. You will then need to restart your server.

Future Plans

  • None! Why not suggest one?

Source Code

Source code can be found on my Github Page


To show your support and help me justify to my wife why I spend so much time on Minecraft, please donate using the Donate button in the top right corner of this page!

Thank you

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