SessionValidator - No more Session Stealing

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By now we probably all know of it: Session Stealing.

Griefers are using modified Server-Softwares to acquire a Operator Account.

What does SessionValidator do?

SessionValidator will still allow other People to use your Sessions to login, but they won't be able to use the /op Command. The Plugin will create a config with a random Password, for ex.: "password = '10412'" So if you want to op someone, you won't enter the usual: /op Notch Now you need to enter /op Notch 10412 Entering a wrong PW will kick the User.

We will later add the Function, if you enter the Password wrong 3 Times, you'll get tempbanned.

Also you can change the Password in the config.

  1. NoGriefing2012 :)

MarshallE and Frofro Note: Your Server will be saved in our Database, we use this for tracking reasons. We won't share the information.


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