execute at entity location removes .yml file #7848

Assigned to epicanard
  • Just__Ju_ created this issue Nov 24, 2021

    What version of ServerSigns are you using?


    What server version (/version) are you using?
    Paper 251


    Describe your issue/suggestion :

    When running the command "execute at @e[type=minecraft:armor_stand,name=location1] run tp @s ~ ~ ~" it fails to run but also removes the generated .yml file from directory plugins>ServerSigns>signs

    I could just run a command to teleport player to location however I want the location to move hence the use of armour stands

  • epicanard posted a comment Nov 26, 2021

    Hello Just_Ju_


    Can you send me the generated yml ?

    I tried to add your command in a serversign and all works as expected.


    Best regards

  • epicanard self-assigned this issue Nov 26, 2021

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