Server lag when non-op player use a sign with op commands #7845

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  • Forge_User_29935233 created this issue Oct 23, 2020

    What version of ServerSigns are you using?


    What server version (/version) are you using?
    Bukkit 1.15.2


    Describe your issue/suggestion :

    Hello! Im creating commands on a sign for everyone to have access (example: *summon fireworks...). 

    It works for op immediately (there is no latency between commands). However for non-op player, when they click on the sign, the server start to lag for everyone and as I can see in the chat, commands seems to be separated from each other during 1 second (1st command - 1 sec- 2nd command - 1 sec- etc...). After all commands are successfully made, the server stop to lag. This issue happens only for non op on full perm signs (commands with * before). 

    NB: If it is an issue please provide logs error / screenshot that can support your words.

  • epicanard posted a comment Oct 23, 2020



    It's a known "bug", set the user op during a short time and then remove it from the player create a lag.

    If you can, I advice you to use <server> instead of * operator (with execute to use summon on a player for example)


    I can search deeper the reason why it lags but the last time I didn't find anything.


    Best regards,


  • epicanard self-assigned this issue Oct 23, 2020
  • epicanard added the tags Defect New Oct 23, 2020
  • Forge_User_29935233 posted a comment Oct 23, 2020

    Thanks for the fast answer, I hope I can change all of those commands. Thank you :)

  • epicanard posted a comment Oct 23, 2020

    Good luck :)

    I will leave this issue open, hoping I can find a solution to this bug.

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