Not working with custom commands from MyCommand. #7829

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Assigned to epicanard
  • Forge_User_18242429 created this issue Nov 25, 2017



    ServersSigns do not work with MyCommand. The plugin cannot find the custom command when you link it to a Sign. He is just going say he dont know the command. Can this please be fixed?


    Back in the older days there was a same issue. I dont know anymore why ServerS then did not work with MyCommand. (It was fixed later on, But is again  back,)



  • Forge_User_18242429 added a tag Defect Nov 25, 2017
  • epicanard posted a comment Apr 26, 2020



    Can you provide more informations like the commands you used to have this error ?

  • epicanard self-assigned this issue Apr 26, 2020

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