add milisecond or tick to time functions (e.g. delay) #364

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  • _ForgeUser27175067 created this issue Aug 24, 2016

    It would be useful if we could have ServerSigns use smaller increments of time for things like delay. This could be useful in some circumstances where timing is a bit more important and 1 second is too long. If

    We could have ms - miliseconds, t - ticks, or maybe allow seconds to be entered as a decimal value.

    I tried to work around this with the use of redstone items but integration was completely removed (unless I missed something).

  • _ForgeUser27175067 added the tags New Enhancment Aug 24, 2016
  • Exloki posted a comment Aug 26, 2016

    We will add support for milliseconds (ms) in the near future.

  • Exloki removed a tag New Aug 26, 2016
  • Exloki added a tag Accepted Aug 26, 2016

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