timelimit repeat function (ie: weekly/monthly signs!) #344

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  • leasoncre created this issue Mar 19, 2016

    possible way to add a repeatability/weekly/monthly signs (ie: only use-able every 30 days)

    /svs tlr 7d
    /svs timelimitrepeat 7d

    [in addition to the existing command:] /svs timelimit <min> <max>

    this would add 7 days to the min and max timelimit after the max time is exceeded
    it would then re-attempt to execute the sign (from scratch?) until it reaches a value less than maxtimelimit (would add 7d repeatedly until minimum is met)

    "/svs tlr -" ((remove reset function, it should also removed with the "/svs timelimit -" command))

    PS. why does uselimit delete the sign? (or: why is there no way to reset the current use tally?)
    if i wanted to make a sign only usable once every 30 days AND only one person can use it that day. how would i accomplish this?

  • leasoncre added the tags New Enhancment Mar 19, 2016

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