MySql/SqLite Database (long term goal) #307

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  • leasoncre created this issue Nov 18, 2015

    >add MySql, SqLite, flatfile(yml, existing) database support.

    Please provide any additional information below.
    I know this is already a long term goal. thought i'd post it here too.

    +suppport database conversion. (yml-to-Sql at a minimum, 2-way would be nice)

    >common config options i've seen:
    yml-to-sql: true/false
    use-sql: true/false
    type: mysql/sqlite/flatfile
    table-prefix: ServerSigns_
    mysql-host: localhost
    mysql-port: 3306
    mysql-database: databasename
    mysql-username: username
    mysql-password: password

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  • rautamiekka posted a comment Nov 18, 2015

    If needed, I'll happily help with MySQL and SQLite queries for free, taking into account query optimizations.

  • caliber50 posted a comment Nov 18, 2015

    @rautamiekka: Go

    Hi, thanks for the offered help! I've already created a database model, but it's kind of huge as I want it to be in the 3rd normal form. How deep is your SQL knowledge?

  • Exloki posted a comment Nov 18, 2015

    @leasoncre CalibeR is the database wizard, I just plug the database into the plugin :D

  • rautamiekka posted a comment Nov 18, 2015

    <<reply 2680569>>

    I'm not awesome, but if you don't know much already, I'm a man to take care of the simplistic queries the plugins usually use without having to ask around in places.

    Edited Nov 18, 2015
  • caliber50 posted a comment Nov 18, 2015

    @rautamiekka: Go

    I'm not a database specialist, but I think I kind of get the idea. the model I created a few weeks ago looks like that (not complete, not everything taken into account):


    edit: GG Bukkit.. Image Link

    Edited Nov 18, 2015
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