/svs long [command] [subcommand(s)] (toggle on/off) #293

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  • leasoncre created this issue Nov 6, 2015

    >>What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
    add support for more subcommands under long format

    >>Please provide any additional information below.
    syntax: /svs long [command] ---toggle on
                /svs long [optional to re-say command, it will be ignored to toggle off] ----toggle off

    by default 'add' is being done by long if none specified (unless new command/format requires it)
    with the optional paramater of [command] support for:
    (any sub params must be added imediately following the /svs long [command] [subcommand(s)])
    -edit (long lines)
    -insert (long lines)
    -cancelpermission (long cancel messages),
    -grant (ie:add 20 permissions in one line),
    -holding (for those that type the full /give commands with alot of metadata)
    -priceitem (see above)
    -setpermission (long messages)

    +additional commands as needed/created

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  • Exloki posted a comment Nov 16, 2015

    long term project, but accepted mostly.

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  • leasoncre posted a comment Jan 3, 2016

    Main thread EDIT: deleted unneeded additional comment/feature, 'feature' doesn't benefit the project/user.

    Edited Jan 3, 2016
  • _ForgeUser30535744 posted a comment Feb 3, 2017

    Hmm Love it

    Edited Feb 3, 2017

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