Default Config


# ---------------------------------------------- #
#              General Configuration             #
# ---------------------------------------------- #


  # Slots for the shop selection interface.
  slots: 27

  # Enable the shop command. Can be disabled if you want to force your players to use the Item or NPCs to open shops.
  enableCommand: true

  # Enable or Disable the Item to open the shop
  enableItem: false

  # The Item which opens the shop menu on right click
  shopOpenWithItem: COMPASS

  # If set to true, it will block these commands.
  # Example:
  # If you sell a command like /money it will only be purchasable in the shop, and blocked in the chat.
  # Players would not be able to use /money, but can use it if you set it on a Item as a PlayerCommand.
  blockbuyablecommands: false
  #Enable logfiles. Logfiles are stored in /plugins/ServerShop-GUI/logs
  EnableLogs: false
  # Enable or disable the sound when clicked on a Item in the GUI.
  EnableClickSound: true
  # Enable or disable Metrics( I would appreciate if you set it to True)
  EnableMetrics: true
  #When true, it will print some extra Debug lines in your console.
  Debug: false
  #Do not change this!!!
  #It will reset your configuration!
  firststart: false
  #The Item you wish to use for the Item Currency (Pay with Items as price)
  Item_Currency: EMERALD
#The '0' is the Item position in your inventory.
    # The Inventory size if your Shop "Items.yml"
    size: 27
    #This is the Shopname of your first shop. It will create a file "Items.yml" automatically
    name: Items
    #The Icon which should be displayed for the shop. You can use sub-ids too, example: Wood:4
    icon: Wood
    # The description of your shop, which will be displayed in the lore. You can add as many lines as you wish. Color codes are supported.
    - '&6This is the new default'
    - description for your shop
    - '&6Have fun.'
    #Display a Return button which opens the shop menu.
    returnbutton: true