ServerShop 1.2


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    Aug 27, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2
  • 1.6.1


Please let the plugin re-generate all config files


  • Code cleanup and rewrite
  • Added a Sell feature
  • Added Multiple Shops (up to 27 shops)
  • Added permission per shop (Tested with Pex only)
  • Added a shop selection interface
  • Added a logging system (can be enabled in config) sold.txt and bought.txt
  • Added Metrics statistic support.
  • Fixed ShopOpen with Item Rightclick.
  • Possible to set a own description in the shop selection window.
  • Added a message what you have bought with price.
  • Added the money you got if you sold something.
  • Fixed Sell if Item has no Data.
  • Removed AvalonCore softdependency (my core plugin for my community)
  • Removed Transaction sucess message (Its enough spam if we show the player how much he has bought/sold ;) )
  • Added ShopTypes. Current Shoptypes: ItemShop, PermissionShop.
  • Unable to be sold or bought if price or sell eqals "0". Disable a item to be bought or sold.
  • Added a Return Button. So you can return to the shop selection without re-opening the shop via command or item.
  • Added a very basic stock system. 0 means out of stock. -1 disables the stock feature. [Requested Feature]
  • Added a autorefill stock system with configurable time amount.
  • Added customizable messages with colorcode support which can be changed in messages.yml
    • New Since 1.2
  • Added Villager Binding
  • Added shop spawn command
  • Added reload command
  • Added Remove command
  • Added create command
  • Improved add command
  • Price and PriceSell are now stored as double values.
  • Added alternate shopcommand /gshop (If /shop is already in use by a other plugin)
  • If price and pricesell is 0 it will cause a wierd display. Just don't do it
  • Command messages are not changeable in this version
  • Wrong command usage won't tell you that it's wrong :p