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Quote from badboyste & BukkitEverX:

So we have some awesome features on the new version 0.2.6. We have added alot of new stuff see here for more

Plugin VersionVersionServer-Ranks v0.1.9
Bukkit ReleaseBukkit ReleaseServer-Ranks v0.0.6
Development BuildsDevelopment BuildsNone
Source CodeSource CodeClick Me!


Server-Ranks is a Plugin where Online Player's can list your Server Ranks and Prices (All Configurable) in a List. Some of the Features are below

  • List the Server Ranks
  • Have the Rank with a Description :)
  • Loads of new Features
  • Commands see the Commands & Permissions Page
  • Reload Command so you don't have to Reload/Restart the Server after every Configuration edit


  • Add Rank-Up System
  • Add Scoreboard to show how much the next Rank is
  • Add RankCreate system Added in v0.2.2
  • Allow the Ranks to have Descriptions Added in v0.2.2
  • Allow the RankList to show the Description and Cost without you adding it in all the time Added in v0.2.4
  • Add RankList Added in v0.0.4
  • Add Configuration File Reload Added in v0.0.6

Installation Guide

To Install this plugin follow these simple steps

  • Click The Download Button At The Top Right
  • Shut Down Your Server
  • Drag And Drop The Plugin Into The Plugin Folder
  • Start The Server Back Up
  • Finished :)

    This Plugin may Disable Paid-Ranks Plugin. If so use Paid-Ranks until this Plugin has a Rank-Up feature :)

    See this Plugin in full action at Prison.EnderSoul.Net


If you Donated and have a Server tell me through PM and I will link it below! Donation are always Appreciated :)

  • Kieran Macki - [Server to be given]


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My Server


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