This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Ever wanted to see if your Minecraft server instances are up and running from within the game? Or even check other services like your webserver, mx or teamspeak server? Use the ServerPing plugin!

By placing a wall sign (!) you can specify a unique name for the service to be checked, the service address and its port. After a short while of initialization, the sign tells you if your service is online or not. When attaching a lever to the block (and attached some redstone to the lever), the lever sends out a redstone signal for more fancy stuff (think of CommandBlocks!).

All service checks are performed on an interval which you can specify yourself (default 30 seconds). Of course the sign messages are configurable, too.

Plugin usage

  1. Place a block somewhere
  2. Attach a sign (wall sign) to the block
  3. Line 1 must be [ServerPing]
  4. Line 2 is a unique (server-wide) name for this service
  5. Line 3 is the ip address (or hostname if short enough)
  6. Line 4 is the port to check for
  7. Click done and wait =)

First step Second step Third step

There's also a tutorial video on Youtube (german only).

Installation Instructions / Plugin versions

For a complete installation of this plugin, download the ServerPing-<version>.jar file.

Then copy your downloaded file into your /plugins/ directory and start/restart your server. All neccessary files are being generated unless they exist.

Commands and Permissions

This plugin offers no commands but permissions.

Create a ServerPing signserverping.create
Destroy a ServerPing signserverping.destroy

By default, Operators are granted all rights.


ServerPing consists of the default config.yml that allows you to adjust the settings for this plugin:

StringintervalThe interval - how often should the plugin query your services?30
StringlocaleThe locale string for the language that has to be useden_US
booleanuse-metricsSubmit metrics to mcstats.orgtrue

The sign configuration file is located in /plugins/ServerPing/signs.yml. Please do not touch that file.

All locale translations are stored in /plugins/ServerPing/locale/.


Currently these locales are supported:

  • en_US
  • de_DE

All locale strings can be formatted with the Minecraft Formatting Codes.
If you miss a translation please PM me.


ServerPing collects statistic data and sends them to MCStats. You can disable this in the plugin configuration file.
Please note: By default, submitting metrics is enabled. By installing this plugin on your server you agree that you submit metrics at least the first time you (re)start your server with having this plugin enabled.

The plugin metrics can be obtained from here.

Plugin Source

This plugin source code is on GitHub. Feel free to fork a clone.

Version changes

VersionFilenameGame Version compatibilityDescription
1.0ServerPing-1.0.jar<=craftbukkit-1.7.10Initial release


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