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Looking for some developers to add/review the code

Pseudo Code!

  • New players start in the noob group in groups.yml in bPermissions
  • When they execute the command /noob, their permissions get elevated into the players group in groups.yml
  • They are teleported into a random location on the map
  • They are given an iron toolset, 32 bread, 64 seeds and some leather armour =====

What it does so far (haven't tested because I dont know Java syntax, this is my first code) ====

  • Displays a message in the console saying the plugin is enabled
  • Gives (whoever joins) an iron toolset, 32 bread, 64 seeds and some leather armour
  • Gives them the option to use /noob, although it does nothing at this stage
  • Displays "too many arguments" if the string value is more that 1 (so only /noob works) =====

What I want it to do

  • Intergrate this plugin so it responds to bPermissions
  • Elevate their permissions when they use /noob to the players group
  • Teleport them to a random location when they use /noob
  • Create a permissions node so ONLY the noob group in groups.yml (bPermissions) can use /noob

Contact me for source only if you're interested in helping with the code. You will be fully credited once released.


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