ServerMessenger - Anounce Messages On The Server!: Version: v0.1 ServerMessenger Broadcasts a random message from a list of specified messages that are stored in a file name "msgs.txt". How to use:

Download The Plugin And Put It Into Your Server's Plugin Directory Start Your Server And Wait For Your Server To Finish Loading Navigate To Your Server's Plugin Directory And Then Navigate To The "ServerMessenger" Directory Open Up The "msgs.txt" File Insert What Ever You Want Into There. (Remember To Goto A New Line For Every Message_ Optional: Change The Time Limit Between Broadcasts In The "config.yml" File To The Time Limit You Want. (Must Be In Miliseconds) Features:

Broadcasts A Random Message From A List Of Messages At A Configurable Time Allows You To Toggle Wether or Not To See The Messages On/Off DOWNLOAD:


Code: ServerMessenger.Messages.Toggle - Allows you to toggle on and off wether to recieve messages ServerMessenger.Messages.Bid - Allows you to sumbit a message and bid iConomy money on it Commands:

Code: /smessenger <BOOLEAN:ON/OFF> <OPTIONAL:PlayerName> /bsend [Message] [Amount] Config.yml

Code: BroadcastTime : 300000 The Default is 300000, That's five minutes in miliseconds useiConomy : false The Default is false, Set this to true if you want to allow users to bid. bidtime : 420000 The default is seven minutes (420000) This is the time period that users bid before it is over TO-DO List

Color Support


Version 0.2

Added Economy Support - Users can now bid with iConomy money for there message to be broadcasted. Whoever has the highest bid wins Fixed Some Threading Issues New Command: /bsend [Message] [Amount] New Options In The config.yml file: useiConomy - Set To False By Default, bidtime - Set to seven minutes by default, After the time period elaspes, it will check what the highest bid is, and use that message. New Premission: ServerMessenger.Messages.Bid - Allows the user to use the economy support, Set to true by default Fixed Console Spamming Bug

Version 0.1



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