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ServerMotd allows you to change the motd of the server-list and the message to join the server. You can use all coloring and formatting codes.


  • This plugin is very easy to use!
  • Change your MOTD in client server list
  • Colorize your messages
  • Change your welcome message
  • Support Permissions
  • Support formatting code
  • Customize the plugin with commands or changing config.yml
  • You can change the messages while the server runs
  • Set the join message
  • Set the left message
  • Use the variable %player to name an user (f.e -> %player has joined the game)
  • Disable the motd message if you are using other plugin (in the config)
  • Set the server-icon.png of the server while it is running
  • Display the balance and prefix of the player
  • Display the bukkit's version
  • Multi-line (line-break) in external motd message (server-list message)


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Drag the .jar file in your server's plugin folder
  3. Reload your server (If it's necesary)
  4. Ready!


  • /motd (View motd)
  • /setmod <message> (Set the welcome message)
  • /externalmotd <message> (Set server-list motd)
  • /motdjoin (set the join message)
  • /motdleft (set the left message)
  • /motd reload (reload the config.yml)
  • /icon (set the icon of the server) (Example: /icon mypicture.png [This set a file called icono.png located at the main folder of the server, having a size of 64x64 to works correctly]
  • Also, you can use this: /sm, /em, /mj and /ml (abreviatures)


  • motd.* (default: ops)
  • motd.check (Check the motd) (default: all)
  • motd.reload (reload the config.yml)
  • motd.set (Permissions to use /setmotd, /externalmotd, /motdjoin, /motdleft)
  • icon.set (Permission to use /icon command and receive notifications about possible errors with the image)


  • %player (The server changes this for the player names)
  • %newline (It sets a new line)
  • %balance (show the player's balance) (requires vault!)
  • %prefix (show the player's prefix) (requires vault!)
  • %version (Display the bukkit's version)
  • more soon (You can suggest variables in the comments)

Coloring and Formatting codes

  • &k Random
  • &l Bold
  • &m Strike
  • &n Underlined
  • &o Italic
  • &r Reset


  1. Config version: 1.3
  2. created by: aledanmar
  3. If you have other motd-server, set "enablemotd" to false, and the motd message will be removed.
  4. enablemotd: true
  5. motd:
  6. system: '&aServer list message'
  7. ingame: 'Default motd when you join the game, Change it in the config or with /setmotd <motd>'
  8. join: '%player joined the game'
  9. left: '%player left the game'
  10. icon:
  11. set: false
  12. name: server.png

You can change the messages in the config.yml or using commands

Known bugs

  • None


Other languages

Bugs and Feature Requests

  • Use Tickets for issues, bugs or feature requests
  • Support in english and spanish!
  • Plugin tested on 1.2.5, 1.3.2, 1.4.7, 1.5.2, 1.6.2, 1.7.4


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