Hello! I'm new here and I'm not so good and it's my first Plugin but this Plugin works :D ! (And sry for my bad English)

The Plugin ServerInfo give you Informations about your Server, wich you have defined in the config. When a User type /Server , he gets this Informations in game. In the future I will add more Information and more Commands.



Plugin Version 1.9 English | Recommended Bukkit Build 1.1-R4: Jar only | Zip Folder
Plugin Version 1.7 German | Recommended Bukkit Build 1.1-R4: Jar only | Zip Folder

<sub>The German Version won't be updated beacause we had added a language file.</sub>



  • The first time you start the plugin it will generate a config.yml. You can change your Information about your Server in the Config.
  • When you type /Server in your Chat, you would get the Information about the Server which are in your Config.yml
  • Currently showed Server Information: Ram, Server Mod (Bukkit), Slots, Admins, Server Homepage, Rules, IP (More Features coming soon)



  • /Server, /ServerInfo, /Info for Informations about the Server.
  • /SiAbout for Informations about the writer.
  • /SiHelp for a list of all Commands
  • /ServerHomepage, /ServerWebsite for the URL of the Server Website
  • /rules
  • /IP for the Server IP


How To Install

  1. Downlaod the Jar only or Zip Folder.
  2. Put it into your plugins Folder.
  3. Start your Server.
  4. Stop You Server.
  5. Edit the config.yml in the ServerInfo Folder.
  6. Start the Server and enjoy!

Note: OLD config files are incompatible with NEW. Please delete your old config.yml before installing the new Version of our Plugin!



Klick here for Videos!



No Bugs Known

But If you find a bug post a comment.


Works not with following Plugins

  • iSafe


To Do

  • Add Permissions.
  • Add more Informations (Please post your Ideas).
  • Add more languages.
  • Add more Commands.
  • Add true or false System.



1.9: Added a language File.

1.8: Added True or False System and a small Censor<sub>(Maybe we Remove This Censor in Future because this is a Info Plugin) | (For a better Censor Click Here!)</sub>

1.7: Added a new Command: /IP

1.6: Added a new Command: /rules

1.5: Added new Commands: /ServerWebsite, /ServerHomepage

1.4: Added Server Homepage

1.3: Added a new Command: /SiHelp

1.2: Added new Commands: /Server, /ServerInfo, /Info, /SiAbout

1.1: Bugfix with the language.

1.0: Release.


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