Changelog (version release notes)


  • updated for compatibility with Spigot 1.9 and 1.10 builds


  • updated twitter4j lib version to fix Twitter integration, which recently broke due to API changes by Twitter

IMPORTANT NOTE: Existing users will need to download this updated lib along with version 1.5.4:
This file will then need to be renamed "twitter4j-core.jar" and placed in your server root folder, overwriting the existing file.


  • Messages containing %killer_item will now give the custom item name for items which have one (via an anvil or whatever), otherwise defaulting to the standard item name


  • update to our Wither Skeleton detection code to use newish type check provided by Bukkit, fixing the ClassNotFoundException error given for CraftSkeleton in new version of CraftBukkit


  • Support for new Minecraft 1.4 death causes, along with some previously missed ones: witch, wither boss, wither skeleton, cat, wolf, iron golem, lightning.
  • Fix for infrequent non-fatal NPE caused by Bukkit's Player.getAddress() returning null. The NPE would prevent that particular message from being sent.
  • Default config now stored in JAR as default.xml instead of sourced from a huge string in a java file; easier for me to update and arguably better for a few other reasons.


  • ServerEvents now has 2 commands: /serverevents reload, and /serverevents register.

/serverevents reload - reload data from server_events.xml without having to restart server. Requires serverevents.reload permission. /serverevents register - register with your Twitter account (this is an alternate method to doing it by executing the JAR outside of CraftBukkit). Requires serverevents.register permission.

Registration process now outputs the initial authorization URL to the file "/plugins/serverevents/twitter_key_info.txt". Once you have entered the appropriate PIN to complete the process, it will also output a completed twitter entry to the same file above, which can be copied over into your server_events.xml file. This is mainly to help facilitate going through Twitter registration as a player in-game, though running it through the server console is recommended. After completing registration and updating your server_events.xml file accordingly, you can of course then use /serverevents reload to get the Twitter integration up and running.

  • Changed default Twitter "add_timestamp" setting back to true, since Twitter otherwise has been reported to start rejecting duplicate messages.


  • Fix for deaths with no "last damage cause" triggering an NPE; could occur from deaths caused by CombatTag, for instance.
  • Fix for output to file being completely broken.


  • Primarily a compatibility release to support the upcoming CB 1.1-R5 and above.
  • Update to use the new Bukkit event system.
  • Hopefully, a fix for the rare non-fatal NPEs seemingly caused by the death event object being lost before the death report thread finishes.
  • Removed the plugin's "loading" and "shutting down" log messages since Bukkit now handles those itself.


  • Messages sent to Twitter now no longer have timestamp added by default
  • New twitter setting (add_timestamp="false") in server_events.xml which can be set to "true" in order to show timestamp on Twitter messages as it was before.


  • Added MagmaCube, Blaze, and EnderDragon to causes of death, and added death messages for them to default config.
  • Added slime death messages to default config; somehow I never noticed they weren't there.
  • "timestamp_hour_offset" potentially not being set is now accounted for.


  • Added option to disable default Minecraft death messages, set by default.
  • Improved death tracking method, it's now more lightweight on the server.
  • Added new death causes: "starvation" (not sure how to actually die from starvation, but it's supposedly possible), "orphanprojectile" (projectile fired from unknown source), "cavespider", "enderman", and "silverfish"


  • Fix for arrow/projectile damage not being properly detected, which was broken by Bukkit's recent deprecation of EntityDamageByProjectileEvent
  • Twitter source lib update which might require an updated library on the user side as well.


  • Added optional config option to server_events.xml, which offsets the Twitter feed timestamp by a specified number of hours; for use on servers with wrong time and admin unable/unwilling to fix server time.


  • Fix for death by ghast fireball being reported as death by creeper.


  • Updated for 612+.
  • Brettflan is code owner.


  • Added new default message.
  • Drowning works now
  • Added all chat colors
  • Ability to turn off message destination by message type
  • Added server replacements
  • Added weapon used to kill player replacement
  • Added server start and stop events


  • Fixed keep_old issue.
  • Added an "API".


  • Added ability to display to chat.
  • Fixed twitter dup issue.
  • More default messages.


  • Initial Release


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