1.4.1 (JAR only)


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    Dec 15, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1


  • Added MagmaCube, Blaze, and EnderDragon to causes of death, and added death messages for them to default config.
  • Added slime death messages to default config; somehow I never noticed they weren't there.
  • "timestamp_hour_offset" potentially not being set is now accounted for.

If you're already using an older version of ServerEvents, you can add these new death messages to your existing server_events.xml file:

		<msg killer="slime">It's uncommon enough to find a Slime, but %n even managed to be killed by one.</msg>
		<msg killer="slime">%n suffered death by goo. Slimes can be deadly, who knew?</msg>
		<msg killer="blaze">A Blaze burned %n to a crisp.</msg>
		<msg killer="blaze">%n didn't quite dodge enough Blaze fireballs.</msg>
		<msg killer="magmacube">A Magma Cube just squished %n.</msg>
		<msg killer="magmacube">The last thing %n saw was the underside of a Magma Cube.</msg>
		<msg killer="enderdragon">%n didn't impress that EnderDragon with his Dovahkiin impression.</msg>
		<msg killer="enderdragon">%n wasn't prepared to face that EnderDragon after all.</msg>