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    Sep 26, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1337
  • CB 1317
  • CB 1185


  • Added option to disable default Minecraft death messages, enabled by default (to only show ServerEvents death messages):
    <preventDefaultMinecraftDeathMessages enabled="true" />
  • Improved death tracking method, it's now more lightweight
  • Added new death causes: "starvation" (not sure how to actually die from starvation, but it's supposedly possible), "orphanprojectile" (projectile fired from unknown source), "cavespider", "enderman", and "silverfish"

The new setting can be ignored if you want the default Minecraft death messages added in 1.8 to be disabled. If for some reason you want to have them shown, add this to the <conf> section at the top of server_events.xml with the other main settings:

        <preventDefaultMinecraftDeathMessages enabled="false" />

For the new death types, I've added new default messages for them as well. If you're already using ServerEvents, you can add them to your existing server_events.xml file:

        <msg killer="starvation">For only 10 cents a day, we could have saved poor %n from starvation</msg>
        <msg killer="starvation">%n was last seen trying to eat his own fingers</msg>
        <msg killer="starvation">Of all the ways to die in Minecraft, %n managed to starve to death. Bravo.</msg>
        <msg killer="orphanprojectile">Did anyone see what shot %n to death? A true mystery.</msg>
        <msg killer="cavespider">%n can now add arachnophobia to his list of ailments.</msg>
        <msg killer="cavespider">Cave Spiders are a bit of a pest, just ask %n.</msg>
        <msg killer="enderman">%n should have known better than to stare at that enderman.</msg>
        <msg killer="enderman">Jeepers, creepers, that enderman liked %n's peepers.</msg>
        <msg killer="silverfish">%n managed to find a silverfish! Unfortunately, it didn't like being disturbed.</msg>
        <msg killer="silverfish">That silverfish was just too hard for %n to hit.</msg>