This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

It´s a little (but Powerful) Plugin, that helps you with your Server.


Maintenance Mode

You can set a messsage, that a Player gets when he want to Join but your Server is in Maintenance.
You can set a permission (default: ServerCMDS.Join). If the Player have this Permission, he can join. If not, he instantly gets kicked with the reaseon you can configure.

Join Titles

If a Player join your server, you can set a Custom Message that is shown in the new 1.8 title format!
TIP: Get your Servername with %SERVERNAME

Interactive Chat

You can click on some PLugin-Specified Messages to perform a command!


  • /kill Kills a Player instanly - Gives a Short Message to a Player.
  • /invisible Hides you from all other ONLINE!!! Players (if a new Player join, he can see you)
  • /bstop Stops the Server after a 10 Second Countdown
  • /cllocal Clears the Local Chat
  • /clglobal Clears the Global Chat
  • /perform Shows you the TPS and Free Memory
  • /check Check Players Data
  • /invwatch Look in inventories of specified Players!
  • /ecwatch Look in enderchests of specified Players!
  • /inhand [BETA] Show you, what a player has in his hand [BETA]
  • /heal Set your lives to 20!


  • scmds.join Allows a Player to join, while the Server is in Maintenanche
  • ServerCMDS.CanStopServer Allows to run the /bstop command
  • ServerCMDS.Join Allows to join if the Maintance Mod is activated
  • ServerCMDS.Invisible Allows to run the Comment /invisible
  • ServerCMDS.Performenc Allows to run the Comment /perform


(INVISIBLE) If you throw an Ender Pearl against an invisible Player, the Ender Pearl will hit the Player and ports you to him

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