ServerMessage2 - An Uber Configurable Auto-Broadcast plugin
Version 2 Release - Now compatible with Minecraft 1.5.2!

Thanks for over 4000 downloads!

What is ServerMessage?

ServerMessage allows you to input your own custom message into the config file (example: Welcome to our Server!) and repeats the message according to the custom lapse time in the config to all players in your server! With color support, permission support, different message groups and more, ServerMessage2 is by far the most advanced auto-broadcast plugin on Bukkit!

For example, if your MSG was in Group1 and had the text "Welcome to our server!", your custom Prefix was "<INFO>" and your lapse time was 30 seconds, ServerMessage would broadcast "<INFO> Welcome to our server!" every 30 seconds to everyone that had the permission ServerMessage.group1!

Wait, there's more! With the brand spanking new 2.0 release, ServerMessage is now compatible with all permissions plugins! Configure which players or permission groups can see each group of messages right from the config file or your permissions plugin! Want donators and Admins to see different broadcast than builders? No problem!

NEW: Along with a ton of other awesome features included with ServerMessage2, ServerMessage now broadcasts the messages in each group randomly, your players will never get bored of seeing the same messages in the same order!

Highlighted Features:

  • Customize your own message!
  • Change your messages in any group using simple commands! Click here for command info!
  • Set the time between repeating your message!
  • Set your message's own prefix! (example: <INFO>)
  • Compatible with all permission plugins! Set which group(s) each message is broadcasted to!
  • Supports COLORS! Make your broadcasts all nice and colorful!
  • Super lightweight with a pain free installation!

If you would like to donate, simply click the 'Donate' button at the top right of this page. Even a little shows a lot of appreciation! Configuration Help: Information/ FAQ Contact: To Do List:


  • /setbroadcast [group] [msgID] [new message here!] - Use this to change any message in any group easily without touching the config file!
  • /servermessage reload - Reload the configuration without restarting your whole server!
  • /servermessage help - Display a help page that shows all the commands and usages!

Version 2.0 Release:

  • First Full Release of ServerMessage!
  • Change any message in any group using simple commands! (see the above link)
  • Added Permissions support! Configure which group(s) each message is broadcasted to!
  • Added color code compatibility!
  • Now broadcasts random messages from each group!


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