Server Resource Packs

Server Resource Packs

This plugin aims to replicate the old server texture functionality which was removed when resource packs were implemented. This plugin will send the players a configurable link when they log in which can be used to get the players your resource pack. As an alternative, players can also use the /rp command and they will be sent the same link which they can click to download.


  • Provides a solution for the broken server texture system.
  • Sends players a link to your resource pack on login.
  • Allows for a simple easy way to get players your resource pack.
  • Lightweight, easily configurable.


  • Drag the plugin into your plugins folder and run server.
  • Find the generated configuration file, and edit it to your liking.
  • Reload or restart your server.

How to upload your resource pack:

  • Go to a site such as dropbox, or another file uploader site.
  • Upload the file for your resourcepack.
  • Get the link leading to your resource pack (On dropbox go to share link, then right click the download button and copy the link).
  • In the configuration file, copy that exact link and reload the plugin.


  • srp.rp - Allows players to use the /rp command.
  • srp.rpreload - Allows players to use the /rpreload command.


  • /rp - Sends the player a link specified in the configuration file.
  • /rpreload - Reloads the configuration file ingame.


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