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Current Version: v1.3

This plugin will reload your server's plugins on an interval or an pre-defined loop. A user with the permission serverreloader.admin or an Op can reload the server. You can also use the default built in permissions system, use the same permission as above. This plugin can also stop the server after a defined number of minutes. A new feature has also been added. The ability to hide the displayed text! View the commands section for more information! For users updating, please delete your settings file a new one will be created.


  • Reloads server
  • Countdown
  • Ability to auto reload
  • In game command to turn auto reload on or off
  • Hide or show text
  • Shut down server after x minutes
  • Unlimited custom messages

Using The Plugin:

Set Up:

You may edit the settings file to change between auto reload and normal reload, auto reload time, and displayingtext

autoreload = true/false: true enables auto reload, false enables normal reload.

time = time in minutes: set time in minutes for auto reload. Only works if auto reload in enabled

displaytext = true/false: true enables text, false disables text.

custommessages = true/false: true enables custom messages, false disables custom messages.


Blue = functioning properly

Red = not functioning properly

/serverreload "time in minutes" - Initiates the countdown.

/serverreload autorelaod "true/false" - Turns AutoReload on or off.

/serverreload help - Displays help file for ServerReloader

/serverstop "time in minutes" - Initiates the shutdown countdown


'serverreloader.admin' - Whoever has this permission will be allowed to issue the reload/stop command!


  • Add user configurable messages
  • Server Stop
  • Add Unlimited number of configurable alert times
  • Add option to display or hide text
  • Clean up code and patch some holes
  • Link true/false command to the properties file
  • Add server stop command
  • Allow for auto reload
  • In game Auto reload enable/disable commands
  • Make the plugin Op competent
  • Broadcast "Reload Complete"


Please submit a ticket here.



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