Commands & Permissions

The plugin uses the following commands:

  1. sinfo
    This is the main command. When nothing is added, it will list the available information subcommands, and if a valid subcommands is added, it will show the information the user asked for. E.G: "/sinfo rules" will show the rules if that is defined in the commands.yml.
  2. sreload
    This will reload the plugin, meaning it will re-read the contents from command.yml to match the commands.yml. This makes you able to update the commands.yml and the plugin without reloading the entire server.
  3. sendinfo
    This is a command to send a certain player certain info. E.G: You want to send newb_x1x the server rules, you simply use " /sendinfo newb_x1x rules" and he will receive the server rules as if he used "/sinfo rules".

The plugin uses the following permissions:

  1. Information.sinfo
    This makes it able for users to use /sinfo and read all the server information you set.
    Recommend setting: Available for everyone.
  2. Information.sreload
    This gives a user the ability to reload the commands.yml, so the latest version of your commands.yml will be visible.
    Recommend setting: Owner/admins
  3. Information.sendinfo
    This gives a user the ability to send info to other players.
    Recommend setting: Owners/admins.