Server Information

Do you find it a repetitive task to tell all your (new) members about your server? The commands, the rules and all the plugins and their workings?
Then server information is just the tool for you.
With an easy to use configuration file, you will make any explanation possible by letting your users use /sinfo <subject>.
The text is 100% customisable, colouring and italic/bold/underscored/stripedthrough text.

The result of using /sinfo can be:
The weird text is rotating ingame, the so-called magic effect.

This plugin comes with an easy-to-use commands.yml for saving the information, and when updated, the plugin can be reloaded, so you don't have to reload the entire server.
You can also simply send a player information, which will safe you some hassle.

It looks like a lot, but it is mostly a sum up from the different options you got:
How to configure this plugin.
Commands & Permissions.


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