Server AI

Borgis5 is a friendly, human-like, artificially intelligent personality. He is a chatbot that can carry out conversations with in-game players and the console.

NOTE: Borgis5 transmits and receives data from


  • /ai on Initiate the ai for the player/server (there's a reason for this)
  • /ai off Deactivate the ai for the player/server (again, there's a reason for this)
  • /ai reset Reset the conversation if one is currently ongoing
  • /ai <chat> Speak to the ai
  • /ai help See these commands

Permissions (All commands available to all players by default):

  • ai.on Turn on the AI
  • Turn off the AI
  • Talk to the AI
  • ai.reset Reset the AI
  • View the AI commands
  • ai.* Overall permission


  • Borgis5 creates a session with a player when the /ai on command is executed
  • Borgis5 deletes the session with a player when the command /ai off is executed
  • Borgis5 deletes the current session and creates a new one when the command /ai reset is executed
  • Borgis5 maintains the current session even when a player logs off
  • Borgis5 loses all sessions when the server shuts down

Special Thanks to: Pierre David Belanger for developing the chatterbot API


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