This plugin allows you to lock your doors with a craftable key. It has a master key too.


  • Lock your doors, chests, trapdoors, ...
  • A craftable key, master key, key clone, bunch of keys and even a padlock finder !
  • Every craft has its own permissions.
  • Every item has its own permissions.
  • Auto updates.
  • Everything is configurable.
  • Compatible with the new doors (1.8).
  • Open-source (licensed under GNU GPL v3).

How to use it ?

Left click on a door with an empty key in your hand will create a padlock on the door and will format the key. You can open, close or destroy the door only if you have the corresponding key in your hand. Also works for chests and trapdoors.


A documentation is available here.


You can find all videos here.
If you have a YouTube channel and wanna make a video, I will post it with pleasure !

Services included in the plugin

This plugin uses the Skyupdater, which means that the following may occur :

  • Connection to
  • Plugin version compared against version on
  • Downloading of the plugin from if a new version is found.

This plugin utilizes bStats plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to :

  • A unique identifier.
  • The server's version of Java.
  • Whether the server is in offline or online mode.
  • The plugin's version.
  • The server's version.
  • The OS version/name and architecture.
  • The core count for the CPU.
  • The number of players online.
  • The Metrics version.


Development costs time and time is the money of life. Please feel free to donate.



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