Sentry 1.8.2


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    Jun 3, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


v 1.8.2

  • Update for CB 1.7.9

v 1.8.0

  • Update for CB 1.7.2
  • Re-work guard targeting. Guard target no longer needs to be in range of Sentry when set (if its a player). You should no longer need to go find your bodyguard if you get separated and log out.
  • Fix mounted sentries not attacking correctly.
  • Add targeting support for minecraft scoreboard teams. (via TEAM:NAME) (War teams are now specified via WARTEAM:NAME)
  • Move respawn location when /npc copy is used.
  • Fix event targets not firing when in a worldguard or other pvp-protected situation.

v. 1.5.2

  • Add targetable option to prevent mobs from attacking sentries. (this used to be done via /npc playerlist but that stopped working in mc 1.6)
  • Fix Denizen actions not using correct killer when projectiles involved. v. 1.5.1
  • Sentries properly remember their spawn location.
  • Lots of little fixes to mounted sentries
    • Mounts don't take damage from guard target
    • Mounts move at 2x the /npc speed of their rider while patrolling and 2x the /sentry speed of their rider while attacking.
    • Rider animation syncs up with the mounts better.
    • Mounted bodyguards will properly teleport (requires VERY latest Citizens2 builds)
    • Mounts are properly deleted when sentry is killed with respawn -1


  • The Calvary has arrived! Sentries can now have and be mounts! See the #Mounts section (on the wiki)
  • Disable death animation to prevent client-side ghost drops
  • Fix compatibility issue with latest builds of Denizen
  • Sentries always use 'old' pathfinder.
  • Fix health not saving.


  • Update for 1.6.2


  • Update for 1.6.1 and Denizen .9


  • Sentries can now optionally be immune to damage from things on their ignore list.
  • Sentry projectiles will go though* things on their ignore list. (*some accuracy loss may be observed)
  • Sentries will properly ignore event: targets if the perpetrator is on the ignore list.
  • Bodyguards can optionally NOT follow damage protection (for compatibility with modifyworld and other annoying plugins.)
  • Fix default config.yml (put quotes "" around your default targets and ignores!)
  • Compatible with Factions 2.0.X


  • Added configurable follow distance for bodyguards. Use /sentry follow [0-32]
  • Fix crash in Denizen DIE command.
  • Sentry now removes the Denizen 'Health' trait as it conflicts on a sentry. This should fix some bugs relating to health and re-spawning.
  • Added several Denizen 'actions'. see the Advanced Usage section on wiki.
  • No longer using NMS code for max health > 20. should be more compatible with other plugins.